The account filling service is for customers that want coins put directly onto their main account without the hassle of listing cards themselves.

After providing us with your account details, we will sign into your FUT account on the console and transfer coins over to you using our usual completely safe methods.  Using this service EA tax will be covered, for example if you order 1 million coins you will actually receive the full 1 million coins onto your account.

Important notes about this service:

1.  The Origin login verification has to be deactivated (re-enable this after your order is complete!).  You can disable it here.

2.  Check if your secret answer is correct.  Check this on the Web app here (use a different browser or clear your browsers cookies if it doesn't prompt you for your security answer).

3.  Check if your console login data is correct.  Xbox Live login test here.      PlayStation login test here.

4.  We recommend that you change your XBL/PSN password to something temporary and then change it back to your usual password once delivery has been completed.

5.  If you log back into your account before the delivery has been completed, your order will be heavily delayed.  Please do not log back into your account until you have received the order completion email!

6.  We do not outsource our orders, ever All orders are completed by the same trusted UTGold team that has run this website for 2+ years.  Order with complete confidence!

If the email button doesn't work, simply send us an email to [email protected]

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