This service has two options:

Option 1:  You list contract cards for us to buy.  

Example - You want to buy 100,000 coins so you can list 21 contract cards at 4,800 buy-now each for us to purchase.  The contract cards will need to be listed with a unique start price & BIN price & use an auction time of 12 hours or longer (for example 2700 start price and 4800 buy now) so that we can easily identify which cards belong to you.  

Before listing your cards you MUST check the market to make sure nobody else is using the same pricing as you.  If they are, choose a different start/bin price combination.  The total combined buy now price of all your contract cards should equal your order amount (i.e. 100k order could be 23 cards at 4,400 bin).

Option 2:  We can use a player from your club to transfer coins to you by buying it at its maximum price and reselling back to you at its minimum price.  This method requires you to be on the live chat.

Example: You want to buy 160,000 coins and you have a player in your club with a price range of 300,000 to 460,000 that constantly sells for his minimum price.  What we would do is ask you to list that player on the market for 460,000 coins buy-now price, we would then buy it and afterwards sell the same card straight back to you for 300,000, thus you will have be sent +160,000 coins during the process (You will end up with 145,000 profit after EA tax is removed when you sell the player to us, please keep this in mind when ordering via this option).

Please note: You MUST buy the player back from us at minimum price, so only use a player that you intend to keep.  You cannot use this service to dump players on us that you've been struggling to sell.  If you do this, you will be banned.

If the email button doesn't work, simply send us an email to [email protected]

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