Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  What are your opening hours?

A.  We are now open 24/7 with delivery in minutes provided the EA servers are functioning properly.  Customer service is available from 2pm to 2am every day.


Q.  Do you cover EA tax?

A.  No, we do not cover the EA tax.  If you are purchasing for example 100,000 coins, EA keeps 5,000 of it (5%) so despite listing your player for 100,000 you will only receive 95,000 on your account.  If you need to receive the full 100,000 coins place your order for 106,000 instead.

Q.  How do I know you are legitimate?

A.  UTGold.co.uk has been active since October 2012, during this time we have received many positive reviews which can be found both directly on this website and on our Facebook page which currently has 3500+ likes!  We also use Google Wallet & Skrill, widely recognised as two of the safest ways to pay online.


Q.  Can I have a discount?

A.  We can only give discounts when paying via Bank Transfer.  Our prices when paying via Bank Transfer are up to 10% less than the prices you can currently see in the store.  If you wish to make a bank transfer order please submit a request using the Bank Transfer form: https://utgold.co.uk/store/bank-transfer


Q.  Can I pay with Paypal?

A.  Unfortunately we had to remove PayPal due to unforseen circumstances.  We hope to add it back as a payment option in the future.


Q.  What is your facebook page?

A.  https://www.facebook.com/UTGold.co.uk

Q.  What is your twitter page?

A.  https://twitter.com/utgold


Q.  Will you sponsor me / donate to my youtube

A.  Yes we will sponsor you, check out the sponsor link on the home page.  We won't simply donate coins though, sorry.


Q.  I ordered over 15 minutes ago, where are my coins?

A.  If there is a problem with your order we will of contacted you via Email.  It is very important that you check your spam folder as important emails can often be sent there.  If you cannot find an email from us, please send us an email ([email protected]) and we will respond asap.


Q.  How long does delivery take?

A.  Delivery is automated so takes under five minutes (usually under 1 minute).  Manual checkout orders we aim to complete within 10 minutes. 


Q.  I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

A.  Visit the following link to reset your password:  https://utgold.co.uk/store/index.php?route=account/forgotten


Q.  Can I sell you coins?

A.  No, we never buy coins.  However you may email us letting us know you're available to buy from should we ever change our stance on buying coins externally.


Q.  Can I swap my coins with you?

A.  No, we do not swap coins.


Q.  Where do you get your coins?

A.  All coins are obtained from in-game trading by our team of traders, we do not buy our stock like other websites do - we can guarantee every single coin we send to you has been obtained legitimately, this is a promise other websites can't make!

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