About Us

We are a group of long time Fifa players who get most of our enjoyment out of the game from trading. We are based in England and have been providing coins to people since the very first Ultimate Team was released – that’s over 3 years experience!

We started our business on Ebay and then moved to our own website due to rising Ebay fees and also the fact that we gained so many happy loyal customers who gained trust with us. We are happy to talk to our customers about anything so don’t be afraid to talk to us! We provided the live chat for that sole purpose.

How do we know you’re legit?

We get asked this question alot! There are a number of reasons you can be sure we’re legitimate:

- Read our customer reviews
- Visit our Facebook page
- Notice that we pay for expensive SSL Encryption on our website to keep you safe whilst you shop!
- We use two of the safest payment methods available online – Google Wallet & Skrill!

Customer Service

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